16 March 2023 best VPN for TV access in Spain

VPN Guide

What is VPN? The letters V P N stand for Virtual Private Network which is a computer networking term for creating a private network to secure your internet activity and data. It is extremely useful for it’s main purpose of hiding and securing your internet activity. Did you know – your internet service provider (ISP) […]

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7 May 2021 WiFi problems

Better WiFi Setup

We have many customers that struggle with the WiFi connectivity in their home or business. The causes for this are many and varied. There are many things that affect the WiFi signal. First is the device you are using. What WiFi module does it have? Then there is your WiFi router or access point. What […]

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20 April 2021 laptop buying guide

Laptop Buying Guide

The global Covid-19 pandemic has seen many items of technology increase in price. None more so than Laptops. Laptops are now going back to prices last seen over 15 years ago. It seems the days of €300 cheap laptops have gone. Of course with the price increase you are getting higher spec machines with the […]

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