Sony 5.1 Amplifier/Receiver Home Cinema Sound System


Used home cinema Sony 5.1ch AV receiver and speaker set for great surround sound from your TV.


The STR-DE375 is a surround sound amplifier made by the Sony Corporation of Japan. This is a 5.1 channel amplifier with built in FM and AM receiver. The amplifier has RDS, and Dolby Pro Logic functions.  It offers RCA inputs for individual channels CD, MD/TAPE, TV/SAT, VIDEO & DVD 5.1 multi-channels. This is the UK version where all five of the channels are identical providing a respectable 50-watts output each channel into an 8 ohm speaker load (total 250 watt output). The sound quality is very good due to the wonderful Japanese transistors and design. It has the 2SB1588 and 2SD2439 pair of Japanese transistors in the power output stage. The driver chips are the uPC2581V, which make an excellent job of keeping the power stage to 0.7 % THD. It also has the well-known Mitsubishi M61501FP chip, which performs the input function and sound processing. This chip has internal tone and bass circuitry and sounds very much like its predecessor.

Built in receiver for RDS FM and AM radio selection with 30 pre-sets. Audio mode settings for Dolby surround sound and Pro-Logic audio for home cinema quality. When paired with the Sony SS-TS74 / SS-TS75 / SS-TS76 front and rear surround speaker system will give emersive audio experience.

This product is sold with two Sony SS-TS74 front speakers, and two rear (surround) speakers (SS-TS75 & SS-TS76) and big bass Sony Subwoofer (SS-WS73). These are floor standing pedestal (150cm) speakers that look and sound great.

This is a used item but in perfect working order. A full demonstration/test can be made in our store.

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